Leadership Challenge: Launch Your Drone!

Observing and adjusting in real time the impact you’re having on other builds influence, rapport, and engagement. Put simply, if you worked for a leader who would be attentive to impacting others in positive ways versus someone who was unaware of their impact on others, which one would you rather follow?

I work on this with almost every tenured executive and young leader I coach because it’s a great tool, one that many leaders with strong followership use effectively.

As one client put it, “Oh, so you want me to launch the drone!” Yes, exactly.

How it’s done: “Launch the drone”

Try this: Lift a part of your attention—say 10%—above each live conversation you have for the next month or so.

Like a drone, you float it just above your heads, watching yourself and watching how the other person is (or people are) responding: zoom in on what they’re “saying” both verbally and non-verbally including words, tone, body language, and expressions. Then adjust what you’re saying and not saying, and how you’re expressing yourself, in real time to steer toward what is needed here to have the most powerful and effective conversation.

So for July’s leadership challenge, I’m asking you to launch your how-I’m-impacting-others-assessment-and-adjustment drone. In each meeting 1 on 1 or in a group, monitor your impact on the other(s)—what do you notice? What adjustments do you need to make to have the impact that moves people into what’s needed for their good, and the best for the organization, your team, the communities you impact, and others.

Let me know what you discover!


David Peck is a Partner and US Lead for Executive Coaching at Heidrick Consulting. He’s been published extensively and is the author of Beyond Effective. Twitter: @coachdavidpeck

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