David Peck

A Partner in Leadership Advisory, Assessment, and Executive Coaching at Heidrick Consulting, David’s calling is helping both senior and emerging leaders and their organizations — from startups to Fortune 20 companies — become the very best they can be.

You don’t have to be a CEO to understand leadership. You don’t even have to be in business. Because the best leadership isn’t about power over others — it’s about harnessing your own power for mutual gain. You do that through real-time self-awareness of the impact you want to have – and are having – on others, and by building and supporting a great team to achieve a clear goal.

That’s when the pragmatic magic of good leadership happens — the place where listening, learning and driving for shared wins meet.

David brings a unique, diverse perspective to this task. He has been a senior executive himself: as an SVP at Charles Schwab, he led an entrepreneurial business from startup to over $20 billion in assets in three years. He’s also worked with business services giant PwC, and financial services and technology firms.

Based in San Francisco, David is the author of “Beyond Effective: Practices in Self-Aware Leadership”.

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